About us

Union Headquarters

Headquarters (Head Office): Senovážné Square 23, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
Union Secretariat: telephone: +420 234 130 200, email: cmos.skolstvi@cmkos.cz
ID: 49 27 80 02

Who We Are

Czech and Moravian Trade Union of Workers in Education is a professional trade association that brings together employees particularly in the education sector, pensioners and the unemployed, who have worked in education, regardless of one's political affiliation, nationality, religion, race and gender. Membership can be obtained by individuals upon leaving school.

The Czech and Moravian Trade Union of Workers in Education is a civic association whose fields of interest are also areas of interest to workers, who independently have no chance to influence the employer or public administration bodies and local governments.

The main mission of the ČMOS PŠ

  • Defending the rights of its members and promoting their legitimate economic, social, labor and professional requirements towards state and public administration bodies, organizations and employers
  • Improving of working and living conditions of its members
  • Providing with legal aid and consultancy
  • Participation in legislative processes and promoting proposals aimed at meeting the objectives of the union
  • Providing with analyzes and forecasts
  • Developing a system of information and coordination of activities and relationships internally within the union
  • Implementing of inspection in the field of occupational safety and health at work

Why be a member of ČMOS PŠ

  • Alone, one is only one - union will multiply your chances!
  • Only as a union member I can apply my demands and needs during the collective bargaining process in order to influence the school work and wage conditions
  • Only as a union member I can obtain free legal assistance, including court representation with regards to labor disputes with the employer
  • I will be able to participate in the formulation of opinions on legislative standards
  • Only as a union member I will be regularly informed on the school funding and policy at regional and national level
  • Only an organization with a strong membership has a chance to succeed in promoting its interests and needs

The Trade Union Leadership

Mgr. Dobšík František
president ČMOS PŠ


Mgr. Seidlová Markéta
vicepresident ČMOS PŠ